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as bad as i am, i'm proud of the fact that i'm worse than i seem
-ani difranco

currently reading

recently read (2007)
the powerbook, jeanette winterson
gut symmetries, jeanette winterson
sexing the cherry, jeanette winterson
the left hand of darkness, ursula k le guin

less recently read (2006)
flatland: a romance of many dimensions, edwin a abbott
special deliverance, clifford d simak
written on the body, jeanette winterson
one l, scott turow
american gods, neil gaiman
the dead emcee scrolls: the lost teachings of hip-hop and connected writings, saul williams
year 501: the conquest continues, noam chomsky
the truth, terry pratchett
development as freedom, amartya sen

less less recently read (2005)
the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism, max weber
discipline & punish and the birth of the prison, michel foucault
the mystery of capitalism, hernando de soto
life of pi, yann martel
the remains of the day, kazuo ishiguro
hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world, haruki murakami (3rd time)
harry potter and the order of the phoenix, j k rowling
narcissus and goldmund, hermann hesse
harry potter and the goblet of fire, j k rowling
demian, hermann hesse
carpe jugulum, terry pratchett
simulacra and simulation, jean baudrillard

less less less recently read (2004)
religion within the boundaries of mere reason, immanuel kant
the sickness unto death: a christian psychological exposition for upbuilding and awakening, soren kierkegaard
south of the border, west of the sun, haruki murakami
sputnik sweetheart, haruki murakami
norwegian wood, haruki murakami
world on fire, how exporting free market democracy breeds ethnic hatred and global instability, amy chua
feet of clay, terry pratchett
hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world, haruki murakami (2nd time)
book of imaginary beings, jorge luis borges
democracies: patterns of majoritarian and consensus government in twenty-one countries, arend lijphart
let your life speak: listening for the voice of vocation, parker j. palmer
harry potter and the sorceror's stone, j.k. rowling (2nd time)
harry potter and the chamber of secrets, j.k. rowling
harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, j.k. rowling
globalization and its discontents, joseph e. stiglitz
a personal matter, kenzaburo oe
hogfather, terry pratchett
interpreter of maladies, jhumpa lahiri

economic policy institute
human rights watch
make trade fair
working for change

arms sale monitoring project, courtesy of the federation of american scientists
center for defense information
corp watch
the national security archive at gwu
responsible shopper
u.s. foreign military assistance
well-connected: find out who owns the media in your area, courtesy of cpi
who owns what: columbia journalism review's guide to what major media companies own

common dreams
mother jones

ani difranco lyrics
bjork lyrics
tori amos lyrics
exploding dog
the simpsons archive
family guy wiki
orsinal: not your normal internet time killing games
star trek wiki
douglas adams random quotes


abnegation, aeon flux, aesop rock, albert camus, amartya sen, ambalavaner sivanandan, anger, ani difranco, anne sexton, ansel adams, anthony hecht, anti-complacency, anti-exoticism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, aphex twin, assal horizontology, atmosphere, attention, aya de leon, basketball, being happy, bell hooks, bjork, black and white photography, blackstar, breakbeats, brenda wong aoki, cello, charles bukowski, cities, cloudy skies, cold air, dancing, dar williams, darkness, david hume, dbs, denise uyehara, determinism, distributive justice, dj q-bert, dj shadow, douglas adams, drum and bass, eating tasty things, economics, eighth wonder, elizabeth barrett browning, emm gryner, eraserheads, esthero, ethnic studies, existentialism, experiential determinism, expiration, feminism, fifth platoon, fiona apple, freedom, friedrich nietzsche, fulfillment, gil scott-heron, gottfried willhelm leibniz, happiness, haruki murakami, hope, howard zinn, humans, hygiene, hyperreality, immanuel kant, immigrant rights, inspiration, invizibl skratch piklz, isaac asimov, isang mahal, jean grae, jessica hagedorn, john rawls, jorge luis borges, julian simon, jungle, kid koala, kindness, lamb, law, louis macneice, louise gluck, love, mandalay, mango pirates, mario giacomelli, mark rothko, meditation #2, miguel de unamuno, morcheeba, mstislav rostropovich, night driving, nine inch nails, noam chomsky, peace, pennywise, pharcyde, pinoy, poetry, political science, public enemy, purpose, rage against the machine, rain, rene descartes, robert doisneau, roni size, sarah jones, saul williams, science fiction, self-sacrifice, sepultura, singing, sleep, solipsism, spoken word, stephen dunn, stretching, sun-warmed sidewalks, surviving life, terry pratchett, that other long march, the dresden dolls, the ocean, the pacifics, the simpsons, the sound of silence, the wind, tool, trance, trip-hop, turntablism, twlf, underground hip-hop, wolfgang, wotcha

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